Treatment of forged parts

Z našim profesionalnim orodjem za obdelavo dosegamo tudi ozke tolerance, ki jih predpiše naročnik na risbi.

Treatment of forged parts

One part of the activities in the company Mojstrovina, d.o.o., is also the treatment of forged parts. According to clients’ wishes, we treat forged parts of different shapes and dimensions. These are usually forged parts for motorcycles or automotive industry of acknowledged European producers.

With our own construction and production we construct and produce clamping tools for their treatment. The forged parts that we treat are usually placed in visible places on the product, therefore, it is even more important for us that traces of clamping are not visible.

With our professional tools for treatment we also reach strict tolerances set by the client on the drawing. We offer forged parts together with surface treatment (anodising, powder lacquering …), and according to the clients’ wishes, we treat forged parts made of aluminium as well as of steel.