Roasting furnaces

Predela masa za iztis olja

A machine intended for roasting a mixture according to a special procedure. After a certain time, it processes the mixture for squeezing out the oil.



Roasting furnace with one container

Roasting furnace with two containers

Roasting furnace with three containers

Technical data:

  • container made of grey cast iron (standard)
  • massive, reinforced bottom
  • inside diameter of the container fi800x300 or fi1000x300
  • inserted sound in the bottom of the container
  • lifting system of the mixer (construction inox)
  • mixer (motor with reduction gear 0.55 kW – 23 turns/min)
  • isolation (firebrick or fire resisting rockwool)
  • inox lining of the furnace
  • type of burner at choice (gas, oil, solid fuel)