Equipment for oil milling

Izdelava linij za oljarstvo – od ideje do samega zagona stroja oz. Linije!

In our company we produce lines for OIL MILLING – from the very first idea to the start of the machine or line. You can choose among different models of modern machines, depending on the capacity and complexity or expectations. All machines are legally equipped, each holding CE certificate.


Buyers and our clients are essential to our company. When the client decides to buy a machine, we start with advising and planning the layout of machines regarding the client’s premises.

The waiting period for the production of the entire line is three to six months. When the machine is finished, we, if they wish so, deliver it to the client and assemble it, as well as prepare it to the very start and wanted results – pressed oil. If necessary, we advise and help the buyer with eventual problems after the start of the line or an individual machine. When an individual machine wears out, we also offer service, produce spare parts, as our company has developed its own service for machines intended for oil milling.


  • We have our own production

    The advantage of our company is our own production and thus we offer and at the same time ensure our buyers any advising and service.

  • Long-term cooperation

    Our cooperation with clients is not short-term but long-term. Our goal is not just to sell the machine but help the client to successfully use the machine or line. We teach the client how to use the machine. The final result is pressed oil.

  • Quality materials

    We use quality European materials to produce the machines.

  • Foreign market

    We produce machines for the foreign market, mostly for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia, as well as for the domestic market.

  • Long-term experience

    We are not “novices” here, as we have been working in the field for more than ten years.

  • Oil mills

    The novelty in our company is offering presses for cold pressed oils.



In our company we have developed our own production of the mentioned machines, therefore, we offer buyers help and servicing of the machines. Our well trained servicemen try to solve any problem or answer any question. In our company we employ staff who advise you at buying the machine, help you prepare it from the very start to the final goal.


In our company we also engage in tool making, therefore, development and developing products are not unknown to us. We constantly improve our lines and machines, test and adjust them to be user-friendly and faster at the production of the final product.